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My Love is Blue by: Rosemary Danielis

Even though, I am not really a romance reader this novel was enough for me to change my ways.The descriptive words accurately painted every scene, never leaving out any added details. Romantic and solemn the novel shared a realistic journey of moving on in life. The feeling of losing someone was a prominent theme in which the author was able to portray in many ways. Overall the novel, was a page turning, a novel I was unable to put down until I was down with it. This novel deserves high praise. It was exceptional.

Orison  by Bradon Gray
Orison by Bradon Gray


I would give this book a three and a half out of five. This is because of the lack of a strong introduction. The introduction left e confused on what was happening throughout the novel. The more I read the more I was confused. The middle of the novel does somehow get better. All in all, this novel was not one of the best I have ever read.